Friday, September 16, 2011


Oh my Oh my...seriously...what a week. I really didn't take that much insta pictures but I'll share the few that I did.

As you know, John came home for a few hours the other day.  So, I made some chocolate covered strawberry's.  They were pretty delicious. 

After Liam goes night night I usually like to enjoy a glass a wine.  I just love the name of it.  It's reminding me to RELAX!

Liam very rarely falls asleep in the car.  This particular day we met daddy at the design center to pick some things out for the new house.  It really feels like a ginormous shopping spree.  Liam also skipped his afternoon nap that day making for one tired baby.  Liam fell asleep about 10 minutes prior to us getting home so in order for him to rest a bit momma sat in the car with him for half an hour.  He needed some sleep in order to make it until bedtime.  What a sweet angel..don't ya think?

Ah...yes..a Fat Tire.  You can't get this stuff in Oklahoma (silly Oklahoma).  

That's just a few from the week.  That Fat Tire is actually happening as you read. :-)  If you could read the sign on the bike (Fat Tire Label) it says, "Joy Ride". You know where I would like a take a joy ride to...?  Sony! Yes, Sony!  I Sony.  Through all of the restores and recoveries, I have somehow deleted all of Liam's photos and videos from when he was wee little.  I might have cried it out earlier.  My heart is a little broken.  I must admit.  Those are precious moments that we cannot get back.  Good thing I did have lots of those pics printed for his scrapbook. Still. I'm a little upset.  Thanks hubby and momma for listening to me cry and express my anger.  You guys are the best and I love you all!

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