Friday, March 2, 2012

Liam had tubes put in today.

For a while now Liam has had constant ear infections.  The fluid in his ears would just not go away.  He failed his hearing test in his left ear a week ago.  Liam has been in speech therapy and occupational therapy since October so we are hoping the tubes help with the therapy.  Liam can hear much better and soon we will tell if it's helped with his speech and balance as well.

singing Jesus loves the little children. Liam loves when I sing to him.

me reading to Liam.  He loves them books.

The surgery itself went quick and Liam did so well. Prior to the surgery they gave Liam a "cocktail" that made him very relaxed. He's already a very low tone baby so that medicine made him even more so.  Honestly, my biggest worry was that Liam would be so hungry because he couldn't eat or drink anything.  And Liam loves his food. The surgery lasted about 20 minutes.  After the procedure Liam was a bit upset.  He was so sleepy.  Usually kiddos wake up afterward....not Liam.  Liam passed out on me.  It was the sweetest thing.  I don't get to hold Liam like this very much anymore.  I enjoyed every second of him passed out on me.

 mouth wide open.  

I just love this little boy oh so much!! 


  1. Oh My! How sweet is he. I hope and pray he gets so much better in all areas..He even wants to be read to at the hospital. This brings tears to my eyes. I love my little grandson so much, he has a very special place in my heart. Jesus, please heal him quickly..You know all of his needs. I love you guys Linny Momma

  2. Sweet boy! I hope everything works out well! Thinking of you!