Sunday, November 24, 2013

Going a different route

I've been wanting to update y'all on recent events but my goodness it's hard to find the time to sit down and type out a blog entry.  As you know I started my IVF medication back on October 26th.  The plan was for me to be on the stimulation medication for 10 to 12 days then do the egg retrieval.  Well, things did not work out as planned.  We knew going into this cycle that I am a carrier of Fragile X and that I have a very low ovarian reserve.  For those of you not familiar that means that I do not have many eggs left.  Trying to make a long story short the 10th day of medication my body was just not responding really at all. My doctor decided to cancel the cycle.  I knew that I had a low ovarian reserve but I was still taken back by just how bad it really is. It woke me up to the fact that I really might not have any more babies our my own.  It was heartbreaking.  After following up with my doctor we decided to try again with a different medication and a competely different approach.  When I left the clinic I was comfortable with that choice.  But, as I kept thinking about it and talking to God and John we think that the best option for us is to use an egg donor.  A whaaaat? Yes, an egg donor.  Ummm…Lindsay…what's an egg donor? Well, an egg donor is exactly that.  We use another girls eggs to make a baby.  So, we have gone through the egg donor selection process (build a baby if you will :)) and found a local girl we want to use.  We got to look at multiple profiles and see information on their health, education, pictures of them growing up, hair color, eye color, race all of that.  We made our selection and now we are currently waiting for the girl to contact the clinic to confirm her availablility.  

At first we thought the egg donor option was kinda strange and..who are we kidding it kinda is but we know that we will most likely get a lot of eggs.  The baby will be half her and half John but the baby grows in my belly. I get a little sad that I will never have a little "Lindsay" per se or that the baby won't have the dominating trait of the "Derringer" chin but whether we have a little girl or another precious boy that baby will be ours.  The baby will grow inside me, knit together in my womb and we will love and raise that baby.  Another great thing about using a donor is that we will completely wipe out the Fragile X gene from our family. So, we wait.  We wait on the donor and then begin the couple month egg donor process. I will do my best to keep you updated. 

It's just another day in the life of the Brandon's journey to baby #2. 

Love y'all! 

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