Wednesday, April 18, 2012

sweet liam face.

daddy got a Polaris to help with some yard work and Liam LOVES that thing. 
whenever we walk outside Liam walks us right to the Polaris. 
I think it's a sweet memory maker for daddy and Liam {and mommy}
if it was up to Liam he would never get off. Watch what happens when mommy says, "all done". 
that makes Liam very sad. 
this face just melts our heart. 


  1. he is the cutest ever..that little face makes it very hard to take him off of that fun ride that hes enjoying so much:) What a sweetheart.
    Love you Liam:) Linny & John too..

  2. awwww! he's gotten so big! hope to see y'all sometime soon, too! :)