Monday, December 3, 2012

9 more days...

Yep, nine more days until a BIG day!  A date that we have been waiting for somewhat patiently is December 12th!  Liam is getting his genetic testing done up at the Dell's Children's Hospital in Austin.  I'm not sure what all is going to go on but they will be drawing Liam's blood.  Last time Liam had his blood drawn, up in Oklahoma, He got stuck twice and I had to hold him down.  It was not fun.  Liam's doctors have been on the hunt for the cause of Liam's low tone.  If there is one! Liam has improved in so many areas and continues to make progress.

Just in the past few months Liam has taken off with his walking, his fine and gross motors skills have increased dramatically and he is making a TON of different sounds.  He can say mama (only when he's upset at me :)) Other than that, he doesn't have any words.  We know that they will come.  When it comes to Liam's development he has always taken his sweet Liam time, but once he gets it he takes off with it.  We know it will be the same with his talking.  Many moms say "be careful what you wish for", "once he starts talking he'll never be quiet". That is a welcome noise to me and John.  We are aching to hear that sweet little Liam voice. That little boy can talk my ear off all day.  :-) 

I will be sure to post how the appointment goes.  I know that once they draw his blood it will be a few weeks until we receive results.  It's all a waiting game.  I am very excited for 2013 and all that the Lord is going to do for us.  

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  1. I sure will be thinking of you guys on the 12th! Everytime we get to hang out with you two it is a blessing! PS. Mikey did not talk much until he was about three... ya would never know it now-lol!