Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let me try this again.  I thought for sure I would have some more excitement about these delicious, little pieces of Shakeology heaven.  I thought, well maybe it was my presentation.  Maybe if I make the Shakeology balls look more desirable.  Maybe if I stop calling them Shakeology balls.  I have decided to call them Shakeology squares. So I have given it another shot. {This recipe is originally from Chalene Johnson} 

well...what do ya think.  Pretty I know.  Even more delish! Did I make these? Ummm...YES!  How did I make these? I'm so glad you asked. I just happen to have to recipe. 

6 Tablespoons PB2 (found at local grocery store or Amazon)
Mix PB2 with small amount of water until like paste
Add 3 Tablespoons raw honey
1 Tablespoon organic peanut butter
1/2 cup quick oats
1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology
place in the fridge for a few so they can firm up a bit.

Mix until ingredients are well blended.  Use your hands to shape the mixture into your desired shape. I added the rasberries and sprinkled PB2 on top.  I'm trying to work on my food presentation. :-)

NUTRITION: (serving size 1 square)
 Calories: 80 
 Carbs: 10g
 Fat: 2g
 Protein: 7g

Where in the world can you order the key ingredient, Shakeology? Right here!

These little squares are a great snack that is not only extremely healthy but it takes care of that sweet tooth. Did I mention that they take less then 10 minutes to make. OMG! 


Monday, August 20, 2012

Another update on Little Liam

Liam recently, as in this past week, started speech therapy twice a week.  The therapist and myself think we will see some amazing results by having him there two times a week instead of just one.  Liam  is also starting Occupational Therapy (OT) at the same place where he receives speech.  We usually have the Occupational Therapist come to the house twice a month but lately Liam seems distracted by his toys and our daily schedule. When we physically go to the clinic it's like he knows he's there to focus and work.  Liam will be starting OT once a week starting next week (hopefully). We just had his evaluation for OT last Tuesday so it takes a bit to get our goals written down and the action plan in place.  Liam's gross motor and fine motor skills are at a low level.  Compared to where he should.  None of us including the therapist think that it will take Liam very long to catch up.  He amazes me everyday with new things. It's all in Liam's time. I pray all the time for the Lord to make Liam's feet and ankles strong and to make Liam say some words.  I know he'll answer my prayer. 

Liam also got some brand new braces.  They are way more breathable and flexible.  We have been slowly lowering the braces and now they are currently at his ankle.  This makes Liam have to engage his core more which will in turn help his balance tremendously. Stronger every day! Liam will be in theses braces for quite some time.  We'll have to replace them every 6 months to a year and he will most likely have these until school age.  We are hoping that Liam will eventually be able to move to just a shoe insert. Liam has a lot of strengthening to do in his precious feet and ankles. He'll get there.

You can see the difference.  Liam's toes are free now and his ankle is able to bend. They are much lighter and more breathable.
Yes, we have a busy schedule but we still have plenty time to play.  Liam loves his new play set.  Especially the swing.  he can't get enough of the swing.  He would swing all day if I let him. 

We love walking around outside.  We hang out in the front yard. The grass is very soft. 

Liam has started to get pretty good at using his spoon.  He loves yogurt! 

Our little baby is growing up.