Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some are good and some are...not.

Today was just one of them days.  Me and Liam went to the park today.  Liam loves the swings.  They just make him smile. Going to the park is fun for Liam but for me, sometimes, not so much.  Why you ask....well because there are usually a bunch of other little kiddos that are obviously younger and even the same age as Liam who are able to run around and do things Liam can't.  I guess it just makes me sad that Liam can't run around and play on the other equipment like he should be able to.  Not that Liam knows the difference or anything..but I know.  All of the things that the average kiddo does on a daily basis we have to work hard at. I know we have so much to be thankful for.  Liam is a healthy little boy and very happy.  I know there are so many parents who deal with so much more difficult situations on a daily basis. I still can't help but want my baby to be where he is suppose to be. 

Liam has come so far just in the last few months.  Liam wasn't even crawling when we moved to Texas back in August.  Now he's crawling super fast, pulls up and cruising on the couch or coffee table.  He can even walk for a bit with me holding only one hand.  That is HUGE!! I'm so excited to see where he'll be by his 2nd birthday.  Walking is our goal! 

Liam has a neurologist appointment at the end of this month,  Not sure what will come of it, if anything. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on the outcome.  If anything, maybe we can get an explanation or a title for why things are the way they are.  Some answers would be nice.

And..that was yesterday! :-)

Today was a new day.  Thank God for another day. A fresh start.  A new outlook on things. Changing moods. :-) Me and Liam had another outing to the park this morning with some other mommies from the area.  It was fun.  We walked around and mostly played on the swings.  Liam LOVES the swings.  I think, if I let him, he would swing all day long.  Of course there was the feelings and thoughts that I wished Liam was running around like the other kiddos but today I just had a better outlook on things.  I know our little man will get it!  In a year or two from now Liam will be unstoppable!

I know that I get down and out sometimes but I reminded myself today that The Lord wouldn't give us anything that we can't handle.  God made me and John strong enough to deal with it and get through it.  I think of other families that deal with so much more..or even worse..lose a little one...how strong they must be. Much stronger than me.

So...I leave you with this sweet little face.  This face is just oh so precious.

Liam doing what he's not suppose to....getting Ally Dog's food.  Ally does not like that. 

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