Friday, September 9, 2011

Insta-Friday's a little bit of our week.  

A wagon ride around the lofts. Liam Loves his red wagon.

New books. I love this author and so does Liam.  Reading is Liam's favorite thing!

The morning of Liam's first day at Mother's Day Out.

Liam is getting settled in real fast at Mother's Day Out. He did very well.

We are still getting settled into our new temporary home.

Been a while since Liam played with this toy.  I forgot how much he loves it.  Keeps him entertained for quite a while. 

Where momma went while Liam was away for a few hours.  This mall is amazing and only 10 miles away.  Thank you Lord. :-)

How was your week?

life rearranged

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