Sunday, August 28, 2011

A New Week

Okay, so I really need to get used to using an electric stove top.  I just about burnt the dang building down.  Silly thing...I'm standing there wondering why oh why is this chicken smoking so bad when it's on the low setting.  Oh no...not low...HIGH!! I had it all reversed.  Oops.  While Liam is over in his playpen coughing (sorry buddy). :-) Anyway, I figured it out and the orange balsamic chicken turned out pretty good.

Now that Sunday is just about behind us..what's going on this week.  Tomorrow...not a whole lot.  Of course hanging out with my little man.  Maybe make a Target stop or MAYBE stop by that fabulous grocery land they call H.E.B! Who would have ever thought that I would ever get super excited over a grocery store. :-) I am looking forward to Tuesday.  I get to have lunch with a very dear friend.  Miss Lisa Cottle. Can't wait to see her. Wednesday is Liam's open house for Mother's Day Out (MDO).  I am super duper excited about Liam going to MDO. He'll get to be with other kiddos his age and mommy gets some me time. Sometime this week I have to go to the builder and pick out the exterior stone and stucco.  So far, it sounds like a busy week here in New Braunfels.

Thought I would end with a picture of Liam.  Liam got new shoes and we were trying them out.  I'm sure he'll be running around in them soon (I pray).

What about y'all?  Any interesting, fun plans?

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