Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I wanna be in love....

As of right now I am reading...oh....about...six books.  I was doing really well with reading all of them too...for a while.  In the past month or maybe a little more I have ceased my reading.  Even my reading of the most important book of all, the Bible. Let me tell reflects in my daily life. Jesus is our food and water, our daily bread, our source of survival. I'm been starving lately! Just like I made time for my twelve weeks of Turbo Fire (which is awesome by the way!) I know that I can make time for my creator and master of the universe! I mean seriously! That's exactly what I need to do..get serious.

One of the many books that I am currently reading is called, Crazy Love (thank you Mr. John Lewis). The whole book is about having a passionate love for our creator, to be IN love with Him. Everything changes when you're in love with someone. What prompted this little blog session was a part of the book that I read today. It talked about how we should be running toward Christ, our "Refuge". Life can be so exhausting with it's many ups and downs...the trying and failing, trying and failing. I know that's me.  The constant guilty feelings of this flesh filled life. When all I need to do is run to Jesus, focus on my savior and what he's done for me, how much he loves me and really just....fall in love.  This is what I have this Crazy Love for God that is talked about in this book. This book has really changed my outlook on following God. 

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  1. I was just telling Shannon tonight how I need to be more dependent on the Lord! I have a tendency to run towards other people rather than run towards Him. I always feel like I take one step forward and then one or two steps back.