Friday, July 15, 2011

July 14th...Liam's Birthday

I can't believe that our little man is one year old today! Where this year has gone I'm not sure. Liam's has changed so much in this short year.  I am so excited to see all the new things Liam will learn this year.

We had such a fun time at Liam's first birthday party. Good friends and not to mention AMAZING photographers came out to take Liam's first smash cake/birthday photos. He did so well and he loved the cake.

Since this was Liam's first birthday I really wanted to try and be more crafty than I've ever been.  So I tackled one of those DIY parties.  More work than I thought.  Thank goodness my momma was down here to help me out.  The party was a success.

I found a great idea from Love the Day for the time line pictures of Liam. It turned out so good and we were able to see just how much Liam changed throughout the year.

I found this DIY party from Frog Prince Paperie I did a lot of the same things.  I made a couple changes.  It was so fun for me to be crafty because I'm really not a crafty kind of person.  I loved it!We made delish chocolate covered Oreos and chocolate covered marshmallows all of which I got from Pluff Mudd Studio YUMMO!

Liam's little smash cake turned out cute.  Not exactly how I wanted it but Liam didn't seem to mind.

The cake and the photobooth idea also came from The Frog Paperie I plan on using one of her DIY parties in the future!

Here's little Liam opening up presents.  It was such an excited day.  Liam did well and love love love all off his new toys.  Liam's toys are also mommas toys.  Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate Liam's first year.

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