Thursday, July 21, 2011


So, the other day one of my best friends posted some pictures of us from our highschool days. It got me to thinking...where did all the time go? It seems like just yesterday.  Sometimes I just ache to go back to those days.  Those not a care in the world days. I have so many amazing memories with the people from Palatine Illinois. Even though we don't talk everyday or even every month or more but whenever we do talk or get together we always pick up right where we left off.  I love that!

I think of being 16 and longing to be 18 and longing to be 21 as so on. I've said this before but there have been so many times where I feel that I am constantly counting down the days until the next BIG thing.  I struggle with being content in this moment.  I remember when I joined the Marine Corps and thought that those four years never would have come to an end.  Now, it being six years later I can't believe it! In the last six years I met my husband, moved to Oklahoma City, got married, graduated college and a year ago we had out first baby, Liam. WOW! That's a lot.

 So, here I am again, finding myself looking to the next stage of our lives.  A move to New Braunfel,s Texas. It's been a long time coming and now we are finally in the phasing out period of our lives in Oklahoma City.  I never thought I would have been here but we have met some amazing people.  Our neighbors John and Jeanne, Justus and Jude will be missed dearly.  What incredible people. God truly blessed us with the best neighbors ever. I know that we will forever be friends. Of course I cannot forget Di, Ryan, RJ and little Maylynn.  They are so kind and Di is such an amazing momma, I look up to her. They too will be missed terribly...and Danielle, Jared and Miss Sydney who are some great friends. I know that even though we are all moving on to wherever our lives take us we too will always remain friends.

Even though leaving Oklahoma is bitter sweet, we have so much to look forward too.  Our new home that we will be building, we'll be closer to John's family, new friends and new places.  If anyone knows me they know that I have always been up for an adventure and change has never really scared me.  Change is good.

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