Sunday, February 3, 2013

52 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

Valentines day is upon us. I saw this craft a while back that I've been wanting to do for John for a while now. I finally just DID it. Since I wasn't sure if me and John would be together for Valentines day I gave him his gifts a little early. I really wanted to share this gift idea and also share with you the 52 reasons why I love John.

 I sat down with a notebook and pen it took less than 5 minutes for me to come up with my list. The reasons just kept on coming. He's a great hubby and I really do love him with all my heart.

Back to the gift idea.

There is still time to do this idea yourself. If you are interested in this crafty gift..from the cards to the a full tutorial on putting the book together..please go here

Below you can see the finished product.  it's the cutest most fun idea.  What a great way to express your love. :-)

52 Reasons why I love my hubby:

1. because he loves his family                                                                   
2. because he's sacrificial 
3. because his giving heart
4. because he loves our son
5. because he works hard
6. because he's a rolemodel
7. because he's a great daddy
8. he gives us security
9. he has a humble spirit
10. he makes me laugh so hard
11. he's laid back
12. he's so intelligent
13. he's well spoken 
14. he's helpful
15. he listens to me
16. he gives great advice
17. always lends a helping hand
18. he dresses nice
19. he's passionate
20. he's patriotic
21. he's brave
22. he's content
23. he excepts me for me
24. he's understanding
25. he's empathetic
26. he knows and loves God
27. he's a loving husband
28. he's courageous
29. he stands up for what is right
30. he realizes when he's wrong
31. I love that he's so organized
32. he's my best friend
33. he's accomplished
34. he's a good cuddler 
35. he loves me un-conditionally
36. I love that he's very honest
37. I love that he's so ticklish
38. I love that he's terrible at keeping surprises
39. he randomly brings me flowers
40. he still holds my hand
41. I love his made up songs and serenades
42. I love him because my family loves him
43. I love him because my friends love him
44. he gives me massages
45. he loves my cooking
46. he's very encouraging 
47. he believes in me
48. he supports me and my goals
49. he's very handsome
50. he loves taking me on dates
51. he changes poopy diapers
52. I love him because he married me

Finished product = LOVE

Happy valentines Day!

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