Sunday, June 17, 2012


It's Father's Day and so I really wanted to let people know what an amazing daddy and husband John is to me and Liam.  He loves our little Liam with all his heart.  John works so hard to provide for us. It's so imprtant for Liam to have a hardworking, loving, supportive daddy.  In John, Liam has all these things and more.  I love knowing that Liam will have the comfort of his daddy and love and support that a little boy needs. 

I remember that as a little girl and young woman, wanting a husband that would love me unconditionally and take care of me and our future family.  I think now about how God has blessed me with a such a wonderful husband and father to our son. 

I never know what to get John as a gift for Father's Day.  Last year I framed a picture of Liam and John and put it in a daddy frame.  Well, this year I framed a couple more pictures.  You can't go wrong with framed pictures of your baby boy, right?!  John loved it.  Little Liam in daddy's boots. Melts the heart!

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