Sunday, March 31, 2013

A little extra Easter present for Liam

I've been wanting to get an easel for Liam for some time now.  All the easels I've found were way over-priced and I was not completely in love with them.  I could not get myself to spend 150 dollars on an easel.  Did you know that Ikea has an easel for $14.99? Well they do!  You can get it here. The shipping was only $10.00. This easel comes in a natural wood color but I wanted something bright and fun for Liam's playroom.  So that's what I did. :-)

Here is what the easel looked like before. 

Tape the easel very well.  Tape all that you do not want spray painted. 


I wanted the easel to be magnetic too so I got some magnetic primer.  It is a little pricey (almost 20 bucks) but it works. Once I put a few coats of magnetic primer I painted over it with some chalkboard paint. 

Here it is in Liam's playroom.  Easy, saved money and so fun!

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