Sunday, May 27, 2012

Liam at 22 Months.

I should really do a better of job of keeping an update on how Liam is doing.  He has really been making progress lately when it comes to walking and making sounds.  Liam is getting brave when we practice his walking.  While outside on the driveway, Liam will stop and let go of my hand and start walking all by himself.  Sometimes it makes me a nervous wreck!  He still has some work to do on his balance so sometimes he looks like the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz walking around.  Liam also needs to work on his falling skills.  Sometimes he wants to go straight back or face plant.  There are the few times that he falls on his bum like he's suppose to.  Boy does he get mad when he falls.  He wants to walk so badly. He just cracks me up.  You can tell he gets nervous because he starts to laugh hard when he lets go of my hand.  I'm so proud of all the progress that he's made just in the last few weeks.  

Liam started with a new Physical Therapist a few weeks ago as well.  We like her a lot and think she'll be good for our little Liam. We are up to one day a week of physical therapy and one day a week for speech.  Liam still sees his occupational therapist two times a month as well.  Liam is a busy boy.  We know he needs all the therapy and that it will pay off.  Come Liam's two year wellness checkup we are getting a prescription for Sure Steps.  The Sure Steps are an ankle brace that allows for more movement through Liam's ankles, feet and toes.  I'm pretty excited about getting those. 

Of course there are still days when I get bummed out that Liam has to go through all this but I look at him and realize what a little blessing he is to us.  He is our angel and is just so precious. His personality changes everyday it seems.  I cannot believe that he is going to be two years old in less than two months.  

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  1. I love you Liam:) He is doing great and he is so sweet and special.. I had a great 3 weeks with him & miss him. He will be fine once his little ankles get stronger Linny. I love you. You & John are amazing parents.
    Love Momma